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Kansas City

I moved to Kansas City about 2 years ago. I grew up in a smallish city in Texas called Longview. Before I moved to Kansas City I had traveled with a band I played guitar for for several years. In that time I got to visit basically all of the major cities in the US and Canada. I still have favorites that I love visiting like New York City, Portland and Montreal. However, Kansas City is the perfect place to live for me. It has the perfect combination of larger city and small town. It has everything a larger city has to offer as far as events and things to do without the downsides like overpopulation. It’s at a very cool place right where it’s cool but no one but the locals know it yet. It’s also a great place for entrepreneurs(including freelance graphic designers). Kansas City loves supporting Kansas City. It has a lot of pride, but not like that annoying Texas pride. I love Kansas City. Anyways I noticed I had a ton of Kansas City based work and thought I would share it.

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