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Making of My Christmas Wishlist

Category : Graphic Design, Print Design ยท by Dec 1st, 2013

This was a really fun project to work on! The initial idea seemed simple enough, but once we started cutting out the individual elements that made up the background we realized we had our hands full. Regardless, this is one of my favorite projects to work on, and I am really proud of how it turned out.

We brainstormed and came up with the idea for this project in a group of three creatives. We wanted to do something with a Christmas theme for the series art at The Cause KC ( a church that meets in the movie theater in the Kansas City plaza area). We cut out shapes from a heavy bristol board to make up a Christmas living room scene. We photographed it and added hand-drawn custom typography that had an ornate yet modern/clean feel to it. I cleaned it up in Illustrator to give it the cleaner look. Here are some process photos. The series name was changed from “Your Christmas Wishlist” to “My Christmas Wishlist” in the middle of the project(which is always fun when you are doing custom typography haha).










You can also watch the video below made by Jason White to see some of the work put into this project.